The Ithaca Cup 2015 - August 29th


Our annual friendly grudge match, between Battlefleet Ithaca and Battlefleet SWA, is this coming Saturday, August 29th.

We'll start around 12:00 noon, take a break for dinner, and play until it's time to go home (usually 10pm or so)

As of today, we've got 3 SWA players and two mercenaries ready to descend upon Ithaca, ready to pillage. Or get beat up. Hopefully more of the first than the second.

If you'd like to join us, please post here. Players of any skill level are welcome!

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(Apologies for the late notice...)

Ithaca Cup 2015 Results

Finally catching-up on record-keeping.
Here is the report that Peter wrote up.


Ithaca Cup Tournament, 2015!

Team SWA soundly beats Team Ithaca in what is likely the 15th annual Ithaca Cup Team Tournament (this is the 12th tournament recorded on the trophy; we were playing a few years before we got the trophy), where Team SWA (guys from Schenectady and various mercenaries) battle against home team Team Ithaca for control of the Ithaca Cup, in picturesque Ithaca NY. Team SWA went 6-4, beating Team Ithaca by a sound margin.

The Teams:

Team Ithaca:
-Peter Bakija (GRN) 3-0
-Chris Proper (LYR) 1-2
-Andrew Sackett (ORI HHPbf/HHgbb) 0-2
-Ben Kalb (TKR) 0-2

Team SWA:
-Brian Evans (TKE) 2-1
-Courtenay Footman (GBS bb) 2-1
-Dave Cheng (HYD) 1-1
-John Rigley (FED g-rack) 1-1

The match ups were:

-John (FED) over Andrew (ORI)
-Brian (TKE) over Chris (LYR)
-Dave (HYD) over Ben (TKR)
-Peter (GRN) over Courtenay (GBS)
-Peter (GRN) over Brian (TKE)
-Courtenay (GBS) over Chris (LYR)
-Peter (GRN) over John (FED)
-Courtenay (GBS) over Ben (TKR)
-Brian (TKE) over Andrew (ORI)
-Chris (LYR) over Dave (HYD)

A fun day of face to face SFB tournament games, which is always a good time! See everyone in Schenectady in October for Council of 5!