Developing a new scenario

Been thinking about creating a scenario for an upcoming FTF game with my Battle Group. Here is the outline:

A Supplement #2 X2-ship vs. a random number of non-Xships.

An X2 ship (XCC at 325 points) has fallen through a black hole/spacial anomaly (which in the Star Trek universe is pretty much behind every bush). The XCC has gone back in time to a place deep within (at that time) enemy territory. For example, if it's a Federation XCC then it's been zapped back to the height of the General War in the middle of the Klingon Empire. The XCC player will roll a D6 at the end of each turn and add the result to the running total. When the result equals 20 or more, the black hole reappears in the middle of the map and will stay active for one turn. The XCC has to make it back to the middle of the map on that turn to return to it's own time and territory.

In the meantime, the enemy has vessels rushing to the spot of the anomaly. A list of random ships will be made, ranging from police ships to heavy cruisers and perhaps a dreadnought. The opponent player will randomly roll on the list and one or two vessels will appear from a random direction every turn trying to stop the XCC from making it back.

I will flesh it out but I think it has the makings of a good scenario.