Quantum Wave Torpedo

There are several reasons why this has become one of my favorite heavy weapons. First off, it has three natural points of ECM (not ECCM) built in. So that gives it a natural +1 shift that has to be overcome. So either it will be slightly harder to hit/damage or it will cost the opponent energy to overcome. Secondly, it takes 6 points of phaser damage to take out the splash effect, 15 points to take out the QWT altogether. And 21 points if the QWT is overloaded. On top of that, any damage less than what is required to destroy the splash and/or main element does no damage to either the splash/main element. The damage is cumulative but you need the full amount to affect the splash/main element. Third, the can be fired EVERY turn. Combined with a turn mode of B, that's extremely handy.

The takeaway is that the QWT is VERY hard to take out with phaser fire. It can be done, but a threshold of 15 points to take out just one standard QWT means the opponent is going to be wasting a minimum of two ph-1's and likely at least three or at least four ph-3's. And again, that is just to take out ONE QWT. If you have a wave of four coming at you, with perhaps one or two of them being overloaded, you're simply not going to take them all (or any) out. The Paravian would love for you to try though. Particularly if he's in a position to treat you to another wave before your phasers cycle again.

The QWT doesn't have one-turn crunch power, but combined with the turn mode of the Paravian, it is a weapon designed to wear down the enemies shield over time. As an example, four QWT's that land at R20 will do 4-12-4 (total of 20 damage at R20) damage. That's pretty substantial for 8 points of power (2 points each). Let's say your able to do that over the course of several turns. That is not even considering hits at closer range or having some overloads tossed into the mix.


QWTs are such a difficult thing to damage, that I often don't try to shoot at them. Sure, you'll (nearly) lose a shield to them in most circumstances, but that power could be put to better use by running up to the Paravian and shooting them in the face.
The real advantage of the QWTS is that they have a range of 30. The Paravian waddles up to range 15, launches a full brace, and turns off. Against disruptors, the Paravian will take a return salvo (taking something like 9 damage when facing a cruiser) and the opponent will usually turn off and run out the torps. Commonly the opponent will take them at something like range 21, absorbing 4-5 damage per torp (spread across shields). You see how a long-range, low-tempo battle really favors the Paravian.
Compare to someone aggressive, the Paravian is likely to get in only 2 volleys but with some overloads mixed in. (The Paravian doesn't dare allocate a full brace of overloads, because the opponent is too likely to get their shot and then hover outside of range 14. Overloading with reserve is what you are mostly going to see.) So a pair of volleys, with half overloads, is likely to do a couple internals (after phasers) on the first volley and then score a couple more internals on the second volley (on a different shield but with wrap-around to the dead shield.) Then the Paravian begins taking close-range alphas.

I can see where the opponent

I can see where the opponent would have to press the fight. If they let the Pav go past two successful volleys their shields are going to start looking like tatters. The Parv really needs to see about getting in 3 or more volleys if possible. Even if they're hitting at longer range when they're in the R22-26 bracket (which is reasonable), their still taking 1-2-1 damage per torp. With 5xQWT on the TCC that is 25 total damage over three shields (5-10-5). If they can manage to get in 3 volleys before closing they've landed 75 points of damage overall (considering all standards to maintain high speed). Of course, they may have to lob in some OL's here and there to keep the opponent at bay so that 75 point is likely to be lower. But it's a goal to shoot for. Or a couple of volleys with several OL's that hit.

I'll have to play some more here and see what I can do with it.

Too bad they don't have a mini yet.

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