Supplement #2/other source X2 discussion

Supplement #2 is taboo with the PTB but fortunately, free discussion can happen here.

I had S#2 way back in 1986 for the first time and recently just got it again. Like looking back in time. I'd like to start some discussion on S#2 which is basically X2 from the 80's that was disavowed. Seeing as X2 still isn't on the horizon (been promised for 35+ years) that it would be fun to discuss what's in S#2 as well as other source material.

To begin, the X2 disrupter. In S#2 it has:

* 8 point capacitor
* Entire capacitor must be used at one time
* No hold
* Standard, overload and double overload
* Range 40 for standard and range 12 for OL and double OL
* DERFACS built in
* Three UIM with no penalty for burn out

Obviously, all of this is probably 'too' good even for X2 ships...or is it? X2 needs to be a step up from X1 but how big of a step and in what direction. S#2 good 'as-is' or does it need modification?

Opinions welcome.

X2 shuttles

It was interesting to reread the Supplement #2 shuttles. Still takes 6 points to destroy because S#2 came out years before advance 8-point shuttles, but they have a 6-point shield that gains back 1-point per turn after damaged. I remember talking about shields for shuttles here on the board years ago. I'd forgotten all about the ones in S#2.

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X2 shuttles

I think it would be reasonable for X2 shuttles to follow the Advance Shuttles move and have 8 damage points along with it's 6-point shield that regenerates 1-box per turn. It is basically an X2 MRS shuttle in that it can be two lab boxes and two chaff pods as well as produce two points of free ECM. That helps make them more survivable overall.

Perhaps allow them to have a ph-3 (in Supplement #2 they don't have ph-3's. I don't recall if Commanders Edition shuttles had phasers or not or why X2 shuttles wouldn't?). Perhaps even a Ph-2 instead of Ph-3? And allow it the same features as an X-MRS shuttle (drones and such?).

I may have to experiment with that a bit.

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Thoughts and discussion on the X2 Advance Structural Integrity Field...

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2X Hold

I'm all for keeping the Hold and 5-Capacity Batteries.

Makes for more configurable ships with much larger power reserves. I even considered, when modding some Supplement #2 ships into SFCIIOP, to give them their full battery capacity (25 for most Cruisers, 30 for Destroyers, 20 for Frigates).

I toyed around a few times with making a new Plasma-H for 2X/3X Romulans/Gorn/ISC.