Bombers, Marines and Ground Based Combat

Does or has anyone used the medium/heavy bombers in scenarios? Or ground based assaults? Was it a scenario? How'd you like it? I've done BP action for hit-and-run raids and we've played with carrier based fighters but never ship capture or planet based fighters/bombers. Like to see you has and what you thought?

Carrier fleets

One big of worms.

Ground based combat we never got into. Marines are too valuable as boarding parties & repelling parties.

Fleet carriers on the F&E map are month long battles, and years long campaigns.
I used the heck out of photon bombers. My standard fleet was one strike carrier, 4 destroyers escorts, a Scout sometimes two. We used the bombers for base attacks and even carrier attack ships.

In one battle I carried A20s in the hangers, and fighters on the launch platforms. effectively almost doubling my strike damage, and expendable fighter protection. Even had a base attacked once where the bombers would launch from my ship, attack, land on the base, rearm, reengage, and back to the ship for rearm.

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Ship capture

I've done hit-and-run raids with BP but never went for attempting a ship capture. I think I'm going to bone up on the rules for this and see if I can work it into one or more of our upcoming FTF games. Seems like a nice add-on to the game that I haven't explored before.

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