Battle Group Tampa

Battle Group Tampa

Planning the first game of the year: Dharmoly by the tail. Classic Fed vs. Klink battle including an Xship!

Where Wisdom Fails - The Ambush

Battle Group Tampa was able to get together today for a game, first of 2019. We played the scenario, 'The Ambush' from CL 4 in the story 'Where Wisdom Fails'. I first played this scenario back in 1986 and had a blast. It's a Hydran Dragoon fleeing from a Klink D7 and F5. Game was brought up to date with all ships having refits, S32 drones and Stinger 2's.

Very challenging game that had a LOT of maneuvering around the board. Basically the Klinks have to kill the Hydran while the Hydran has to disengage by distance. In order to do it though it's got to fight one or both.

I was the Hydran. I chose to take on the D7 in order to damage it enough that it couldn't keep up it's speed. I launched my 3 stingers but they were all crippled in short order. I was able to damage his #2 shield though. After quite a bit of finesse I managed to hit him with a couple of standard HB's and some phaser fire. Slowed him a bit. Later on the next turn I managed to hit him with a standard and an OL HB and phasers which defanged him and cut out a fair amount of power. I rolled very well for damage. Meanwhile, the D7 wasn't giving up easy nor the F5. Between the two of them I lost 3 or the 4 HB's, all of my port phasers, only shield #3 was untouched, all the others were trashed or nearly trashed and I lost some power. The F5 was almost untouched but I managed to finally disengage by distance.

Lots of drone, hit-n-run, transporter bomb action all the way around.

Tough victory. That Hydran is a tough ship!

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

CapLog 4

Captain's Log #4 is my second-favorite CapLog (The first is #6: Battleships.) It introduces the Anarchrist, which would later spawn a recurring article in future CapLogs. It also includes the only artwork that SFB had for Hydrans (as a species) for two to three decades.

Where Wisdom Fails is a good mini-campaign that encourages teamwork and does a good job of enhancing the mystery of the unknown.

Good Stuff!