Best Frigate, Best Destroyer

So we've seen some discussion about the best PF. Let's see one about the best Frigate and the best Destroyer.

For Frigates; I think The Kzinti, Tholians, Romulan, Orions, and ISC are in the running. My personal favorite is the Kzinti Frigate (post C-10 refit), as it's got four drone racks and a disruptor - that's more firepower than you see on some destroyers. The four drones (well, up to eight over a turn break) are hard for it's equals to take well.

The Romulan Skyhawk is certainly top-of-the-line, being a late-war hull. The Tholian PC is also very dangerous, having destroyer shields and being a Phaser-boat (with all of the power-curve advantages therein.) Speaking of power curves, the Orion LR has an amazing Power curve and destroyer weaponry - it just can't take much of a beating. And then there's the ISC Frigate, which is really a destroyer that's been classified as a frigate.

For Destroyers, my favorite is the Hydran Lancer. (Yes, the fusion ship.) It's the smallest mainline hull that carries fighters - and those fighters are some of the best in the game. (Only the FFVs and PVs are smaller, yet those are not "mainline" as they are pretty rare variants.) This is certainly a ship that would be dangerous to a Light Cruiser (an equal-BPV fight.)

My second favorite Destroyer is the Tholian DD (technically classified as a DW.) The ubiquitous Klingon F5 is certainly on the short-list of "best-of". And who can forget the cruiser-armorment of the Federation DD.

Frigate and Destroyer

I think the best FF is still, well, the F5. To be fair, it has 16 warp and 1/2 move, but it costs as much as an FF (71, before refit?), and is all around probably the most cost effective ship in the game. The Fed FF is terrifying, but has trouble if it has to load the photons at any point. I like the Kzinti FF, but it tends to end up very expensive when you pay for drones, and it is easy to kill at long range, as it has cruddy shields. The ISC FF is very solid, but it is a very (in terms of game evolution) late design, so that is unsurprising.

My favorite DD (assuming we aren't looking at DW/BDD kinda stuff) is the Kzinti DD. It is a very solid ship--2 disruptors, 4xP1, 4 drone racks, 2xP3, good power, good shields.

Klingon F5

The F5 really is kinda an in-between ship. It's officially classified as a DD (at least by F&E) but has, as you say, the cost of a Frigate. It's ubiquity suggests there might be something to it. It's not half bad at the saber-dance, either. Not a bad choice, all in all.

I've heard a couple people praise the Kzinti DD. I have, traditionally, given it a pass. The Frigate is a superb drone platform for it's size and cost, and the DD simply bulked out in other ways. It didn't seem like much of an upgrade to the Frigate.

I was looking to stay away from the late-war basic hulls, like the DW, BFF, and the wierder Police cutter hulls (see the Fed PV, for wierdness.) Since I don't have the module with most of the BFFs in it (and don't really feel the need to add them to my fleet), I would not go into them and instead go into the DWs.

The Lyran War construction hulls (DW, CW, BC) have a soft spot in my heart, because of how they aught to be handled in campaign play (e.g. easy converts from base hulls into something fairly frightening.) I also enjoy flying the Andromedans of that rough size (Viper, Cobra), for the flexibility that their power curves give them.

I really do not like the Hydran DW. Not only did it supplant the very excellent Lancer hulls, but they lost all of the fighters that came with the ships they replaced. While the Hydrans probably got the same economies of the DW class that everyone else did (a conversion of the FF into the DW), it just didn't strike me as capable a ship as the DD.

Paravian FF

I think the Parvavian merits a mention. 74 points with the APR refit. 5xph-1 and 2xph-3 with 2xQWT. First, for an FF the five ph-1's is impressive. The two ph-3's gives a bit of padding. 17 points of power total. The Parv is a fast ship. The QWT imo is a great HW. With it able to fire every turn it can keep the pressure on other FF's and make them have to wade through to get to the Parv. It's a good medium range ship in that it can launch and turn off again and again. It will do 1-4-1 out to R14 which is going to wear out FF shields fairly quickly. On top of that, the TM is B so it's quick and mobile.

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Tough choices

Among frigates, the poor little Snipe-B, 2 Fs, a G, and enough power to arm them, under cloak, in just under ten turns, has a warm place in my heart :) And the NSM always seems to find a warm place in my opponents heart.

For destroyers, tough choice. Kinda like the Battlehawk - 2 Gs, armour, and a power curve that needs to be respected. By itself, not so great, but the ability to toss overloads at ranges greater than 8 does give it a significant advantage in many match-ups.

Technically, I suppose the Uhlan qualifies... 6 Hellbores, 20 Fusions, 16 Gats ... well, 18, if you count the ship :)

Personal favourite is the Tholian DWP. Rip out those disruptors, and replace them with P1s! Any Tholian firing disruptors or photons is NOT fighting like a Tholian should!!! Plus, slightly better power curve, though the top damage output is lowered.

Hydran WARrior DDL-W

Not just my favorite DD, but of all classes. I love the mix of FBs, HBs and PH-1s along with 2 Stingers. After the first couple games, I modified it according to the Commander's rule book. I could add two boxes, so I added a 360 PH-G (for three total) and a Warp. I then made the original 4 labs into transporters and the single original transporter into a lab and loaded up on boarding parties.

As for FFs, I have to say the F-5 since it is the only one I played with in my one game with a FF. I never was any good with plasma and it looked like the best non-plasma to me. Anyway, it didn't last long.

Tin Cans

All I do is carrier and destroyers. Except I only use Federation Destroyers.

The best one? They are all specialized. The plasma and drone variants were never my cup O tea.

My standard destroyers have only 2 photons or none. I prefer phaser boats and scouts. DEs are my bread and butter.
Phaser 1s, 3s, and Gs. On the Romulan border I could nullify plasmas, same with drones.

We did the Romulan Diplomat scenario often. One a cloaked war eagle dumped a enveloping plasma R on a NCL, stripped its shields right off. I spent the rest of the time using the scout o keep from locking on, or keeping a lock. the 3 DEs just ground up every plasma that came a long.
Nuttin cooler than seeing destroyers chasing plasmas about the map.

For single engagements I use the Command DD, all others the DDE.

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Parvian DD and DWL

As I mentioned ealier (actually 2 1/2 years ago), the Paravian FF is a very powerful little ship. 5xph-1, 2xph-3 and 2xQWT. Head-to-head it's going to give other FF's a very hard road to hoe.

The DD is somewhat odd however. It has one less ph-1 although it has a bit more power and shielding. If we are including the War Destroyers though, the Paravian DWL is one dandy ship! Still have one less ph-1 than the FF (4xph-1), 2xph-3 but it has FOUR QWT'S!!! Pound for pound that is fantastic for a Destroyer-sized ship. That's the same HW armament as a CA class ship.

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