Non-sanctioned ships

Per the ADB website, there are currently 9 non-sanctioned ships; Andro, Orion Heavy, Hydran Tartar, ISC Medium, Jindarian Light, Frax, Flivver and Vudar and maybe the Maesron. This doesn't count play test races like the Peladine, Borak or Nicozian.

So how long do these ships need to be playtested? How many games? Seems like the Andros have been fiddled with for decades and supposedly it's still not right? The Vudar would be an interesting ship as well to play.

Will these ships ever be accepted? I start to wonder a bit why they haven't been accepted/sanctioned. I know that a lot of effort has supposedly gone into making sure all ships are balanced. But you can't factor for luck or skill. So you can toss out all the stats you like but it's still subjective. I know some players don't want to have more tournament ships. I see this as a comfortable shoe. They know the ships in play and don't want anything rocking the boat. Or they don't want to have to learn the tactics for and against new ships.

Your thoughts...

Been a couple of years since

Been a couple of years since the OP. Those ships still haven't been touched. I would suspect politics at play more than the ships don't work. I like the work we did a couple of years ago on the Paravian TCC though.

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I think a couple of these aught to be sanctioned now. Most have been around for over a decade. How long should we wait? Until the Steve's have enough paperwork on them? (note they always complain about the amount of paperwork they currently have already.)

Putting aside the snark, I think The Frax is good to go. Personally, I'd drop an RX Ph-1 (and make it a CA instead of a CC.) The 2011 Andro needs an APR or two, but otherwise is good.

The rest should be tossed out. I'd like to highlight the Jindarian and the Flivver, though. The Jindarian has a big problem focusing it's weapons. As a result, it tends to get mugged. The Jindarian needs a few tweaks to it's weapon arcs and then should be competitive.

The Flivver is a neat ship, but doesn't have enough power. It has 30 warp and a pair of impulse. No other power. It can *never* get to speed 31, even if it decides to leave the Fire Control unarmed. I'd give it two more Impulse, at least.

I've seen a LOT of resistance

I've seen a LOT of resistance from the 'old guard' to new tournament ships. My opinion is that they are in their comfortable little cocoon and don't want to risk having to learn new tactics against new ships. And thus the tournament portion of the game has suffered and diminished. I've talked about this before here.

There should be a sanctioned tournament cruiser for EVERY empire in the game. And playtesting shouldn't take decades, particularly in the age of the internet. You've got Omega, Peladine, Nicozian, Borak, Simulator races, Magellanic Cloud, Triangulum Galaxy etc. to draw upon for additional ships. All of these have been around for many years to decades. That kind of time lag is ridiculous.

We're looking at an in-house tournament within our Battle Group using any and all Sanctioned/Unsanctioned tournament ships we can find. TPTB ask for playtest results but really...why bother? It isn't going to move the needle on any Unsanctioned ship. The results will go into some forgotten folder never to see the light of day again. So a waste of time.

Just my view on the topic.

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Old Guard resistance

Well, Yes. I've seen that resistance too. But if you listen to them, much of their reasoning is that the unsanctioned ships represent systems and empires that get very little play outside of the tournament. Also I've heard (primarily from Peter) that many of the "duplicates" in the tournament could be safely removed (such as the TKE which makes for very slow games or the TKR which is a Romulan version of the Gorn ship.) To a certain extant, I can agree that we don't need the unsanctioned duplicates in the field (The Orion CA is too powerful, the Hydran Tartar is too weak, and nobody plays the ISC T-CM.)

On the other side, I do run campaigns (running two myself, and participating in a third). The Peladine, Jindarian, Paravians, and Frax are pretty popular. The Quari and Borak aren't handled at all in SFBOL (the issue is more than simply having SSDs and their weapon boxes added to the software. It's also their turrets), or else I might see those occasionally.

So, yeah. The Frax is good enough to sanction right now. But largely all the others need some help (usually in the realm of adding a couple static power or tweaking arcs.)


I could see the TKE being removed. It's great for the 'flavor' but yes, often makes for a slow game. Played it once in a game on SFBOL and the opponent wasn't happy with my choice. Turned out to be a good game though.

As I mentioned, I'm putting together a tourney right now. I plan on using the Paravian, Carnivon, Frax, Vudar and Borak since it is a FTF tournament.

I can't find the Maesron TCC? The rules are there in the ADB website but no SSD.

Are there any special rules for the Carvivon Death Bolt like with the Maesron Tachyon Missile? Beyond just speed 20.

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Death Bolts in Tournaments

There is nothing official on either Death Bolts or Quantum Wave Torps for tournaments, as the ships that use them are not even offered as unsanctioned. However, I have put forth some suggested limitations on both in the SSDs of the TCCs I drew up.

Death Bolts: The warhead cannot be changed. it is explosive-only. But, as you noted, the DBs are all speed 20. As with drones, there are no reloads.
QWTs: No ECM. While Plasma in tournaments get their 3 ECCM, I determined that QWTs are hard enough to kill already; they don't need the ECM that can't be countered.

Thank you

For tourney use, the explosive head is probably the best route. Although it would be interesting to experiment with some of the options both the TM and the DB are capable of using. The Orion and Wyn ships have certain specific options in their mounts, perhaps certain specific options for both the TM and DB other than straight explosive.

I agree that QWT's are hard to kill and really make it almost pointless to fire phasers at them. There was a discussion a while back as to 4 or 5 for a tourney cruiser. I think 5 is the way to go personally.

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