Customized Tournament Ship?

Several ideas have come up in the Battletech thread that are noteworthy. The appearance of SSD's is one of the things that comes up in that type of conversation. And with good reason. They are functional but they aren't appealing.

As a test a few years back, I took a non-SFB player and showed him the Fed and Klingon tournament SSD's. He was familiar with Star Trek but not a 'Trekkie'. He had no idea what he was looking at (I had the name of the ships blocked out). I then showed him a box-for-box SSD of each that used the actual outline of each vessel. No data on the SSD had changed, just the cosmetic appeal of the ship outline. He immediately knew each ship.

In regards to the upcoming C5N, is it sanctioned by/through ADB? If so, would they allow a box-for-box SSD that only had it's cosmetic value changed but the same exact data? If C5N isn't sanctioned, would anyone be interested in seeing/using such SSD's at this (or any other tournament game)?

I've done many in the past and would be happy to do so again, particularly for the 50th Anniversary.

I know the argument has been made that the tournament SSD's are functional as-is. That's true. It's also equally true that the game is fading away every year. The SSD is one of the first things someone is going to see when they're passing by a game table. It would be nice if they immediately had a point of reference other than a sheet of paper with circles and squares with little squares inside that don't actually look like the ship your playing.

At this point it is a rather easy way to catch someone's interest.

If there is any interest in this I'd be happy to prepare some SSD's for the tournament folks to look at and decide on. And it could always be a choice between the traditional SSD or an updated SSD as well.