X2...maybe, but not anytime soon


Looks like SPP is starting work on X2 this year. Possible publication in 2016. The Xorks likely to not show up until the second or third module after that. I can't help but feel that this is a module who's time has come and gone and that it would truly need to be spectacular to generate any substantial interest at all. Looking at what is currently being discussed, well too be honest, I'm doubtful. This may be a couple of decades (or more) past due as the number of SFB players has been dwindling and not growing.

We'll see...


...Should be good to see, although I'm unsed to focusing on the submitted ideas for 2Xs, and Don Miller's and others' TMP-TNG Ships and Rules for the Tech.


I suspect that if the Xorks aren't in the first release, it won't generate enough interest to merit a second release. The preview sounds less than exciting (everyone gets loads of FX phasers, Woot. The tactical implications are staggering. Yeah, right) and so it''ll be the fluff or the new stuff that sells it.

I have a sinking feeling that it'll be F1 or original-Andro all over again: dead dull cookie-cutterism or broken.

Well the cookie-cutter format

Well the cookie-cutter format is why X1 was never really that popular. Most folks probably played it a bit and were like...eh. They neutered them of course by taking away the overloaded phasers, cause you know...people weren't playing them right. But really they made a mistake right from the beginning with phasers. I've said this in the past, they erased the racial flavoring by just giving everyone the ph-1 and allowing them to rapid fire.

As an example, considering refits, a GW D7 has 3xph-1's and 6xph-2's. A GW FED CA has 8xph-1's and 2xph-3's. So they should have gone the ph-5/6 route. This would have allowed a DX to have something along the lines of 3xph-5 in the boom, 2xph-5 in the wings, 2xph-1 in the wings and 4xph-1 in the waste. Whereas the FED could have maybe 10xph-5 and 2xph-6. That preserves the racial flavor. Not everybody has to have the same type of drones. The Kzinti are THE premier drone race, let them have some options that only they have. And really, drones need to have a S40 option in the X-tech era. X-ships should be able to exceed S31 and double sabot plasma to S48. Upgrade the Gorn's carronade to X-tech. And the Hydrans need to have something along the lines of maybe a 6-shot gatling with a ph-3 or a gatling ph-6 to preserve their flavor.

FX/RX phasers are simply a way of trying to mimic TNG wrap around phasers without infringing on the license. I haven't been following the X2 commentary very much but from what I gather the Xorks aren't in the first and perhaps not even in the second module.

My question would be how many CL's does ADB sell on average? That would be a fairly good indicator of how many SFB'ers that are left. And of that, how many are interested in an X2 project? Like I said in the OP, X2 is something that's time has passed by a couple of decades. Back in the heyday of the late 80's and 90's would have been the time to release X2, the trade wars, the Xorks and then start planning on X3 etc. Just my view.

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interest in X2

I'm interested. I don't play SFB anymore (on rare occasion, but for all intents and purposes, I don't), but I would buy X2. I bought X1, and I liked it. I agree about the racial flavor, though.

What would you buy it for

What would you buy it for then?

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For the same reason I bought X1

I like looking at the ships, reading the histories, etc.
It's cool and interesting stuff.

Well it's now been over a

Well it's now been over a year since X2 was announced in the link in the OP. I haven't seen/heard anything more about it but then I don't follow the BBS that much. Anyone know anything about it?

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No, and I hope they stay healthy enough to get it done. Of course I hope they stay healthy for health's sake and not just to get a product out. I think they are slowing down and thinking about retirement perhaps. I often wonder if the game system will eventually get passed on or sold.

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The X2 News Flash came out in

The X2 News Flash came out in January of 2015. That's getting pretty close to two years ago. Anyone know if it's actually being worked on/play tested? Seems like discussion died out on the BBS back in February of this year.

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X-ships and supplements only caught my fancy briefly, but i got 'em . . . if/when X2 gets published i'll get around to picking it up i'm sure

the Early Years and Omega are in my possession, but still awaiting spare reading time

the Magellenics (C5) were fun, though . . . and the Simulators too (C4) for the most part - so hope springs eternal

we'll give anything a whirl

Probably give it a pass...

Looking at the initial description on the BBS I'll more than likely give it a pass. Unless the reviews are like 'wow, best thing in decades' I can't see wasting money on a bunch of cookie-cutter ships with FX/RX ph-1's.

Particularly when I can play X2 right now for free with all the material that's been put online over the years. And a lot of it has been exceptionally good material that provides new systems for the ships and thus creating new tactics. Things like:

*AWBR/APBR - an AWR/APR that is also a 1-point battery.
*ASIF (Advanced Structural Integrity Field) - http://www.vorlonagent.com/sfb/x2/vorlonagent/x2-tech.htm#ASIF
*Regenerating shields - http://www.vorlonagent.com/sfb/x2/sect-d/section-d.htm

Any/all of which could be easily applied and played.

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Have't been keeping up with

Have't been keeping up with X2...any word of when/if this is coming out from ADB?

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Five years...

Well, it's been almost 5 years since my original post on the X2 announcement. Any word at all? Did it come out? Being worked on?

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