MIT campaign rules

good gawd

that amazes me that people can come up with those types of thorough campaigns

(by comparison, we've spent three straight Friday nights on the same one-on-one duel)

but those campaign designs are always interesting to read thru - too bad i can't play this game for a living


I came up with a massive exploration campaign. Spent about 6 months solidly working on it, and balancing it. Then, after a few weeks of playing it we realised that any form or randomness (we had everything random from size of fleets, exploration, and so on) simply would work. We even tried to set up a fixed map where I would be moderator and oversee the exploration of others and then try to be as fair as possible with my own map (I played old school Roms so couldnt move much anyway).

So then the 'mini' version was created, where each empire got the same BPV to spend, and had the same restrictions on hull sizes. The only randomness would be the BPV for each battle, which set the minimum and maximum BPV spend (victory points provide bonuses for having a smaller fleet, but we had to restrict people taking an easy loss by flying a single Frigate against a cruiser fleet).

We had a few games and tweaked the rules a little more because a few more flaws were discovered.

Sadly by the time we got the rules looking good two guys had moved away, another stopped being interested in SFB, and the last one wasnt that interested in a one-on-one campaign.

Victory By Any Means

How many campaigns have you guys come across that were based-on/inspired-by the VBAM system? (The creators of VBAM are doing Federation Admiralty with ADB, and should have an actual product some time this decade.) I know that the Farthest Star campaign was based on this system and thus were it's children, Canis Minor and Another Way to Glory (each of which drifted further away from their VBAM roots). Have you guys seen anything else?

As a side note, I'm interested in this campaign system, but have been fustrated by not finding an actually-run campaign I can use to follow along in the rules. With my read-through of the rules, I must be getting things wrong, because some things don't make sense.

EDIT: In reply to the amazement that people can work up campaign systems like that, I submit my own creations:
The Front Line: for the F&E type of people, where book keeping is done for most everything down to Commander's Options.
Another Way to Glory: Referenced above
The Admiral's Game: Mostly just an addendum piece to play (U3.0) With three people.