New tourney ships

Well, today I took a long look at the Federation Fast Cruiser SSD and decided to make a few changes. I took out some graph paper and made what I think is a pretty good looking ship. My hope is to send it to Barry Kirk soon to have him put it in SSD form. Once this is done I would like to start play testing it immediately. I think it has great potential to be viable and less dice dependent in a tournament setting with sacrificing too much Fed "flavor". I have tweaked quite a few areas of weakness, but only slightly. There are some changes that I made that I'm sure some people will scream about, but the goal is not to make a few people unhappy but rather make a Federation tournament ship that is balanced and doesn't rely on above average dice to win.

So to the ship stats:
1)I just couldn't deal with a Federation ship with only two photons so I gave it 3. That way it maintains some of the flavor of the original Federation ship.
2)I took away two of the phaser ones. I think 10 phaser ones for a tournament cruiser is too powerful. Also, I remember reading that they tried this with the Selt and it proved to be game breaking.
3)I added one 360 phaser 3 to help with it's point defenses. This is help, but not a huge one.
4)I took away two warp. My version has 34 warp. 17 in each engine.
5)I added an awr. So now the ship has a total of 3. This helps with arming the photons on the reload turns.
6)I took away 2 forward hull and put them in aft hull. So the split is now 10/6. This makes the batteries a little more vulnerable but but makes the shuttles slightly better protected.
7)I left the drone rack(I really like the Peter Bakija version, the one with two type ones and 4 add shots)
8)The phaser array is as follows. 3 ph-1's FH, 1 ph-1 lf/l, 1 ph-1 rf/r, 3 ph-1's 360, and 3 ph-3's 360. This way to the right and left of centerline you can fire 7 phaser ones which offsets the missing photon a little and much less dice dependent.
9) The two side phaser ones still have the ability to fire down the hex row directly behind the ship. But now, the total amount of phaser ones that can do that is 5 not 6. However, you have 4 phaser ones that can fire out the #3 and #5 shields(the 3 360's and the side phaser one) Which is the same as before.
10)The ship still has 4 impulse
11)I took away one transporter. The ship really doesn't need it. And if you are a Fed and you are doing hit and run raids, your probably losing the fight. :)
12)The ship still only has 4 batterys. So you must allocate one to het during ea if you plan on hetting with batteries as the ship is still a 1 for 1 mover.
13)The ship still has 8 labs(that's what Feds do best right?)
14)The ship is still well controlled with two bridge, two emergency bridge and two auxillary control.
15)I think that giving it only 4 points of overload energy at the beginning is fair not 8. That way to have 3 full OL you must spend 12 points of power on turn one.
16)Oh, I named it the USS Justice.....I think it's appropriate.

So all in all with it's batts charged, this ship has a total of 45 power.(34 warp, 4 impulse, 3 awr, 4 batts) Which is the same as the Hydran and Lyran.

I would like to also mention that the ship design is slightly stockier than the Fast cruiser. Kinda like if Voyager became a schematic.

I know that this is going to stir up a hornets nest but I would like to try it out and see how it goes.

So, let's look at power curves.

The ship has 34+3+4 = 41 power, and 4 batteries.

Which means 37 after house keeping. Assuming 4 power per photon, 25 points of power left over on the re-arm turn. It slows down to about 18 hexes per turn of movement when re-arming both photons and phaser 1s, or 25/turn when doing 2 points per tube. It can HET at speed 30.

It's got better off centerline phaser firepower (which is more useful in general), and is faster.

A few suggestions

I like the ship overall. The only changes I would make.

1) Power: 32 warp 4 imps 4 awr 5 bats.

2) Start with 6 points OL energy.

3) Does turn mode stay D or move to C?

As playtest for your own

As playtest for your own amusement there are no objections, of course, but if you want to get ADBs approval you need to stick with a basic design with only the minimum changes for adaption to tourney play.
This means:
1) add a fifth battery. (all torney ships have the ability to HET on rsp)
2) make sure it has the standard 30-24 shields if it hasn't allready (I don't have the SSD handy so I cant' check)
3) Cut warp to 32, like the Selt, and give it extra AWR as Ron suggested.
4) Four points of OL energy is probably neccessary for a ship that will need its energy to bricks and stuff.
5) Done. No more changes until playtested.
Now it conforms to the tourney standards, and may even be viable:)

Perhaps you think two photons is tiny? Well, it has 10 ph-1s. BTW. this leads me to make a specifik reply to some of the points in your post:

o to the ship stats:
1)I just couldn't deal with a Federation ship with only two photons so I gave it 3. That way it maintains some of the flavor of the original Federation ship.

If you want something fresh, try not be too stuck with the old. Sure two photons seems like nothing but each extra photon added would bring you back to the old TCC. Besides the Photon is not the only typical Fed weapon, they are well known for their abundance of phaser-1s too. Only the Lyran and Gorns are in the same league of the original races.

2)I took away two of the phaser ones. I think 10 phaser ones for a tournament cruiser is too powerful. Also, I remember reading that they tried this with the Selt and it proved to be game breaking.

Yes, because they didn't reduce the heavy weapons to compensate for the two extra phasers.
Two photons, 10 phaser-s, Two ph-3s and a G-rack is not bad.

3)I added one 360 phaser 3 to help with it's point defenses. This is help, but not a huge one.

This ship will use speed for drone defense, and if that is not enough it will have a G-rack

6)I took away 2 forward hull and put them in aft hull. So the split is now 10/6. This makes the batteries a little more vulnerable but but makes the shuttles slightly better protected.

This ship probably need to have well protected batteries. Consider; it is a ship built for speed and Hets.
For this it need the batteries.

I don't think ADB buy all the changes you want to make, but with a minimalist approach like I have suggested they will not have the option of throwing it out because it is not designed the ADB way.
Besides I think it makes sense try starting a playtest with just that and no more.

Some alterations

Well, I don't want my ship to be trashed before it gets out of the gate. I made changes as per some people suggestions. However, I did keep some of my ideas.

1)I took away two warp. So now it has 32.
2)I added an awr. So now it has 4.
3)I'm keeping the 3rd phaser 3 360.
4)My ship still has 10 forward hull. So that will protect the batts well enough. I also like the 6 aft hull, to give the shuttles a little better protection.
5)I didn't realize that the side phaser ones on the original fast crusier were ls and rs, so I changed the lf/l and rf/r arcs back to ls and rs.
6)I did add an extra battery, so now it has 5.
7) Yes, the shields are 30,30,24,24,24,30. The standard arrangement.
8) I kept the 3rd photon.

Fair enough, keeping the 3rd

Fair enough, keeping the 3rd photon. Now go and test it:)!

10 Phasers

So it gets three extra power, an extra p-3 and a more durable hull arrangment in exchange for the loss of the photon. It doesnt seem different enough fron the existing Fed to warrant it's creation, it just seems like a reworked Fed, which is fine if that's what you're going for.

Fast Fed

A few points here.

First, Carl said
"...but if you want to get ADBs approval you need to stick with a basic design with only the minimum changes for adaption to tourney play."

While I appreciate this in theory, looking at the current tourney set reveals that a good deal of the tourney ships are nowhere near the Command/Heavy Cruisers they where based on. Look no further than the Rom TKE, TFH, WYN AUX, and ISC TCC. Those ships are vastly different than the fleet SFB counterparts. Heck, even the Fed TCC is already a decent departure from the Fed CC. The differences include:

A 5th battery
Beefier #2 and #6 shields
38 power for the TCC vs 36 power for the CC
Fed CC has no free overload energy for the photons unless specified in a scenario
Fed TCC has no G rack

So you already have significant differences from existing ships.

I think 34 warp is good because this is supposed to be the Fed Fast TCC and an addition, not a replacement for the current Fed TCC. 32 Warp makes it much closer to a TCC we already have.

I think the ship needs no OL energy for the photons at the start of the game. The current Fed TCC can move 18 hexes while fully juicing the photons and holding 2 special shuttles on turn 1. This new Fed can fully overload it's photons and hold 2 special shuttles while moving 20 hexes the first turn. And it is much faster than the old Fed TCC on following turns. Which is sort of the point, being as it's a "fast" cruiser ;)

For the record, I think the Fast TCC that Ted proposed is a pretty neat ship and it seems fairly balanced. I just don't like the idea of the ship becoming a phaser boat, which is likely to happen after the photons are fired on the opening pass. So you'll have an instance in many games where the game may require multiple passes to resolve a victory, but those 2 photons will fire only once the entire game. Which seems a little bland to me. Brook's design leans a bit more heavily on the photons without it being as likely that 1 set of photon rolls can decide a game.

Yes, but you miss the only

Yes, but you miss the only important thing: Those changes were made by SVC and SPP themselves.

re: Fast Fed

RushAss. A few points...

A 5th battery
- All MC 1 ships have 5 batteries in the tourney
Beefier #2 and #6 shields
- All but 2 ships in tourney have the "standard" 30/24 shields
38 power for the TCC vs 36 power for the CC
- Power is adjusted for balance reasons
Fed CC has no free overload energy for the photons unless specified in a scenario
- See Weapon Status III
Fed TCC has no G rack
- Neither did the Fed CC when it (TCC) was first created

As for other changes, there is a pretty standard set of modifciations that are made; I even think they are listed in T2000. Among these are the shields, batteries, tractors (always 2), boarding parties (used to be always 12).

"I think 34 warp is good because this is supposed to be the Fed Fast TCC and an addition, not a replacement for the current Fed TCC. 32 Warp makes it much closer to a TCC we already have."

I don't see us ever seeing a 34 Warp MC 1 ship in the tourney. The Gorn CC has 32 warp and that was reduced to 30; the Selt has 32, but even that caused a lot of discussion. 34 is simply too good in the tourney environment.

Fast Fed II

Andy, you made one of my points for me. All tourney TCCs have been tinkered with. Some more than others.

4 batts for a MC 1 ship are a fine trade off for having 34 warp IMO. Wouldn't you say?

Is 34 warp too good in a tourney environment for a MC 1 ship? We have a 2/3 MC ship with 37 total power systems (I never include batts as true power systems), which is still more discretionary power than the Fast Fed may have based on option mounts. The trade off is more speed for a slight reduction of firepower. With that in mind, maybe this Fed here should stick with the 2 p3s instead of 1.

And yeah Carl, I never would seriously expect SVC or SPP to approve of any tourney additions period. Not just for this, but for anything else. They could really care less about the tourney with the exception of the fact that they can say they own the rights to it.

Well, I don't think it i THAT

Well, I don't think it i THAT hopeless:) Also remember it is Petrick that is in charge of the Tourneys (and ordinary SFB developments), not SVC.
Still, if you want something approved you best play the system as I think you say in English. Non-standard changes to the proposed playtest ship is therefore not what I would advice;)

PS. four batts is normal for 2/3 movers. Five for MC 1. That is the standard and to start with it might be wise to stick with that. After all the ship is not even in playtest yet! It could turn out it need be tweaked, perhaps by having a battery removed?:)

What I was going for.

Well, I used the fast crusier ssd as a template for creating my own Fed tourney ship. My intent is to create at Federation ship that is fun to play and relies less on luck than the current Federation cruiser. I would love a Fed ship that if it hits with everything it's not and instant win and if it misses with everything it's not an instant loss. Many of the tweaks that I made are done to achieve this. Believe me, I'm not banking on this ship being accepted in sanctioned tourney play, but you never know. People may like it. It would also be cool to see it on an official ssd. I have just become sick and tired of the old Federation ship. I have played it a lot during the last few years in tourneys and on SFBOL. I have come to realize that it's options are limited in game play and can become quite predicable. I also know that having above average luck on a consistant basis is a requirement for it to flourish in a tournament environment. Especially at a very good to ace level. My hope is that my new ideas will change all that. So I have taken advice from many of the comments here and held firm on some of my ideas also. Let the chips fall where they may.

Yes, that's it.

I think my proposed ship is a hybrid of the two ships. So I guess it is like a reworked FED. 3 extra power, an extra phaser 3, more durable hull arrangement , a higher HET speed(28) and a drone rack are considerable changes I know, but warranted in my opinion. Whether or not it is too much is yet to be determined. Once we get permission to at least make an SSD I would hope that you would help me playtest it Andy. Peace.

OK Thats fine

I kinda thought we were going to create a new Fed ship based on the CF ala the Roms multiple ships, but a reworked Fed ship has merit too. I will playtest it sure.


"Yes, but you miss the only important thing: Those changes were made by SVC and SPP themselves"

Yes, let's not forget the recent Lyran upgrade ... making the P-3s 360 !

Of course, there's the minor detail that this a/ wasn't suggested by anyone, b/wasn't one of the two options the community was focusing in on, c/ was done by a Steve, and, of course d/ it just wasn't enough to bring the Lyran up to 50% in the overall standings.

re: Lyran P-3

I can't say I was against the P-3 upgrade. If you look at it from the camp of "better to make too small a change than too big of one", it was a sound decision. Make the change, and then let it be out there for a while so you can evaluate whether it was enough of one.


The Lyran currently has to win mainly using its phasers and disruptors. I think some of the more nonsensical aspects of the ESG rules would have to be amended to make it on par with say a Kzinti or a Klink.

It's on SFBOL

My attempt at a new Federation tourney cruiser is now on SFBOL. Just so people know, the g-rack is the modified version with 2 type ones and four add shots. It also gets 4 free ol points for it's photons on turn one. Well, I hope it playtests well. Enjoy. I would also like to thank Barry Kirk for his help with the SSD and Paul Franz for letting it on SFBOL. Thanks to everyone.

Good Job

Nice Brook. When we started this discussion board, much lip service was paid to improvements/ additions that needed to be made to the Tourney stable (myself included). So far you're the only one of us that has made a real effort in that direction. I look forward to trying it out.


As Droid said, thanks for actually putting something out there Brook! I'm agonna try it out the first chance I get.

Well, so far so good.

Last night I played the new fast crusier. It was a Fed/ISC match against Akira. We had to stop before it was finished, with no real clear cut winner. However, it was a blast. The Fed is fun to play again!!! Everyone feel free to check it out!!!!

Yes it was fun!

Interestingly enough I played the game significantly differently than I would have against the TCC- namely because of the lack of a fourth photon. I decided to double-envelope the Gs on turn 1 and it was... interesting.

I owe a writeup to Brook which he can edit and fill in my memory gaps and then we'll post it here. I will say that ship is pretty fast though!

Fair enough

I will be waiting for the write up. Basically, my intent this game was to take the new fed out for a spin and see what it could handle. Normally I wouldn't run thru 2 epts. I think even tho it doesn't have 4 phots, it still hits hard at close range. The internals were really weird this game too. A volley of 25, 10 and 8, should hit more than one phaser, and definitely at least one tractor beam. I killed his torps quickly tho, which is also weird.

new changes

In an attempt to make the new fed more balanced some changes were made. These changes came about after people play tested the original at Council of 5 Nations. Many people were saying the ship was too powerful. I don't really agree, but I am making some changes to balance it out even further. So the changes that were made were thus:

1.) I took away one of the fh phaser ones.
2.) I changed the phaser 3 arrangement from 3 360 phaser 3's to 2 360 phaser 3's, one left side phaser 3, and one right side phaser 3(the right and left side phaser 3's are in the saucer section. It looks cool!)
3.) I added an aux con. Now it has 6 control spaces instead of 5.

Basically, the initial range 3-8 punch is made less by this, but it can protect the phaser ones it does have better. I like the idea of keeping the the phaser capacitor at 9 instead of 9.5. The configuration of the boxes on the SSD are somewhat changed, but the overall look is the same. Come on guys, do some play testing. It will be on SFBOL soon, if Paul Franz allows it.

so, 2 are FH, 1 LF/L, 1 RF/R

so, 2 are FH, 1 LF/L, 1 RF/R and 3 ph-1s are 360¤. Ph-3s are now; 2 360¤, 2 LS/RS.

If people think it is too powerful I wonder if one FH phaser make any difference.
At range 3-8 it means from 4.3 to 2.2 pts of damage (average). Or IOW it add a few points when getting really close. By that time I think the improved to hit chance for the photons are more important.

Did you get any specifik feedback on the ship? It is not much help simply being told it is too good. Did people have any suggestions about changes?

My opinion

What I told Brook at Council was that the ship made a very powerful phaser boat with 3 photons to back it up. In the previous set-up it could fire 7 p-1s on the FH hex spine. My tactics in it against most ships would be to arm the photons, then on ensuing turns go speed 28, holding the photons, and looking to circle my opponents much like the Andro used to be able to do. I would be looking for that range 4-5 FH shot on a rear shield where I could down a shield and do a few internals then move off. Because the fast Fed can het at 28 only the 2/3 movers could keep movement precedence and HET capability at the same time. I would hold the photons as a threat or until I had a really good shot.

I felt the Fed could go in

I felt the Fed could go in that direction. Extra power and movement change the game. The way you describe is how I tend to fly Orion with photons!

The "new" phaser suite could IMO be changed to that of the TCC. It is almost the same after the change except that the TCC can fire 8 phasers on the forward centerline, and the Fast Fed can fire 5 to the rear centerline.


The changes that I made were from considerations from people who played the ship at council in some jff games. Most people who played it said that the 7 phaser ones in the fh arc was too powerful. Captainron suggested that I take one phaser one away. I did that, but he wanted it from the 360 bank. I decided that it would be better to keep the 360 phaser and take one away from the fh bank. It is my opinion that the loss of the 4th photon is considerable, and the loss of a phaser one is also considerable. So, my design is one that strives to keep the phaser ones it does have. This gives it good drone protection, which is one of the regular feds weaknesses. So to answer your question, I did get some feedback from playtesting. The design that stands now is the one that I'm going to keep for a while. I plan on playing it and playing against it to get a feel for the ship's balance. We'll just have to see.

Yeah, I gotta agree..

..with all of the "too strong" comments.

Frankly, I think you're putting too much weight on the loss of one photon. The ship you have built is a phaser boat that not only has great speed, it has great arcs and great padding (I would argue that the new ph-3 configuration is better than before and pads the ph-1s even more). Combine that with a ship with MC1 durability (and on the high end at that) and you have a ship that is simply too strong.

Yes, the stock Fed has problems with drones, but this ship has both speed and power over that version (more warp power AND one fewer photon to arm), meaning that, even with no other changes, its drone defenses are superior to the stock Fed. On top of that, you have added 2 ph-3s over the stock version.

Plus, my biggest problem with the design: it's boring. It's what you would get if you asked every tournament player what they wanted. "I want a durable ship that can HET at 28, can fly at 28 with all of its weapons armed, has a lot of phaser-1s, with nothing worse than a 180 arc and a bunch with 360, has good padding for the phasers, and has some powerful, holdable close range weapons to either keep opponents away or allow me to perform the coup de grace."

Plus, really, do you see this ship having a disadvantaged fight against ANY current tournament ship? I suspect it's good enough to have an even fight against the TKR and RFH.

I don't think it's boring or too strong

Not with the current 7 p1 version.

Not too strong
Here's how I break the adjusted configuration down vs. the current Fed TCC:

15 total weapons, 1 more than current Fed
G rack!
Better hull configuration, protecting Shuttles better
More Power and more speed
Better padding for the ever valuable p1s
Better seeking weapon defense

Only 3 heavy weapons, you won't crush anybody any more in 1 shot
No free overload energy for Photons
G rack is nice, but you basically get 2 drones for the game or a half-assed ADD rack
Loss of a p1
Batteries go away a bit faster with 2 less Forward Hull
2 less control spaces (pretty much a non-factor)
1 less transporter (almost a non-factor)

And while you'll have more speed, you're still TM D.

Not boring - This ship encourages speed and maneuver far more than the current Fed, which finds itself needing to park often to rearm weapons or to weasel off seeking weapons that it doesn't have a prayer in Hell of avoiding. How can you call any ship that likes to fly fast and maneuver boring? And while this ship handles droners and plasma better than the current Fed, its a bit worse against ships it used to be advantaged against like the Hydran, Lryan, and LDR.

re: Hydran

I'd much rather face the stock Fed than the Fast Fed in the Hydran. Movement precedence means a lot and the extra phaser padding means the HBs are less effective. With the Fed TCC, I at least know I can use my fighters to mitigate damage on the initial volley. Against the Fast Fed, I have to account for more possible actions/maneuver, creating more challenges for my EA. IMO, good player against good player, the Fast Fed will have a higher win percentage vs. the Hydran than the stock Fed - it simply has more ways it can win the fight.

Well, it may have more ways

Well, it may have more ways it can win the fight, but are you saying that it doesn't have to work to win? I'm really not sure about that. Also, I don't want a matchup (i.e. fed/hydran) where you win or lose totally based on how many photons hit or miss. The fact that I am not hitting you as hard from range 3-8 also makes it more competitive. If the fed doesn't jackpot(not likely at range 4), then it becomes the hunted. What is wrong with having some phaser padding for the phaser ones, especially since there is one less of them. Hellbores, less effective? Maybe slightly, very slightly. I have a hard time feeling sorry for making hellbores slightly less effective. They are IMHO, the best weapon in the game, at least in tourneys. I've been playing the Fed for years(with not much luck I might add), and I believe the Fed/Hydran is not such a slam dunk for the Fed as people think it is. Andy, might I ask a question? Please don't take this the wrong way. Do you play the Fed in tourneys? I would like to know if your comments are based on PLAYING the fed, or playing against it. This will help me during the playtesting period during times when I take opinions and make changes. You may be right, it may turn out to be too powerful, but right now I'm not convinced.


I admitedly have played against the Fed more than I have played it, but I have still played it enough.

Yes, your Fed has less 3-8 firepower, but it is able to use it far more effectively. The stock Fed can't really force the Hydran to take a less than optimal shot, at least not outside range 3; the Fast Fed can and the Hydran is ill-equipped to have its range 4-7 shot be any less than optimal against a ship with the direct fire firepower of even your Fed. I've found this problem facing the Selt as well, but it has a less optimal power curve than your Fed does and the 12-impulse PC delay can be exploted.

As for the Fed/Hyd fight, I put it at 6/4 in the Feds favor and I've found that more games are decided based upon the impact of the fighters on the first pass than on how many photons hit. I have won while getting hit with all 4 photons, because so much phaser firepower was used against the fighters; I have lost while getting hit with only 2 (at range 2) because I maneuvered my fighters poorly, allowing his full phas-1 firepower to combine with his photons.

yeah, recently someone got

yeah, recently someone got jackpot with a Fed vs a Hydran, and still lost when the lone surviving stinger caught up. IIRC it was Kerry Mullan in on of the Rats.
*I doubt the stinger would have caught him if he had some more power. Like the Fasr Fed has:)

Well, this is how I see it.

I think how well the Hydran uses it's fighters has more to do with how the HYDRAN and the fighters move as opposed to how well the Fed moves in the FED/Hydran fight. Even the regular fed is usually moving speed 26-31 when it's making it's attack run against the Hydran. He better be, otherwise, he gets caught at close range and get's gutted with fusions, gats, and the remaining hellbore. I still don't see how even my fast fed is going to get around fighters to get to the hydran without having to deal with them. That being said, if he does decide to shoot them with phaser ones, he has one less to do it with. What does the fed have left to shoot at the Hydran if he does this? 3 photons and an off side phaser one? You can't possibly say that the fast fed is going to win that exchange, even with the extra speed. Next, sure the fed can use some phaser 3's to shoot at the fighters, but that would mean they get THEIR shot, and we all know what happens when the fighters shoot at range 0-2. Lastly, you could shoot the fighters at range 8, then turn off. Does the fast fed have an advantage over the regular fed if he does this? Is there really a difference as far as that's concerned? IMHO, not enough to say that it's too powerful. I also have to say this. If the hydran fires first and does even a small volley, the fast fed could lose a photon. Two photons at range 4 is not enough to scare any Hydran player even after he's fired his phaser ones and hellbores. In this scenario, the fast fed is toast if he comes to range 2 or closer to make sure that the remaining photons hit. This fed has to still work hard to win this fight, maybe even harder than the regular fed. I plan on playing this matchup soon, to see if I can support my position.

Well, two more games in the books

Yesterday I played two games in the fast fed. One against Kludge's hydran and one against CrashandBurn's Klingon. I beat the hydran and lost to the klingon. Basically, I fired at range 3 against the hydran and hit with everything and he lost. The klingon fight was another matter. He launched drones at me, and ended the turn at about range 10 from each other. He then launched 2 more drones at me. Still no scatterpack. He assumed that I had a small brick on my #1 so before range 8 he turned off. I then turned off my self to deal with the drones. I went 4 for 4 with my add. WOW! Then we both circled each other. We both got turned around and reached range 5. He fired 3 ol and 5 phaser ones at me and did 37 damage. I stopped 2 with batts and took 5 in. Torp, phaser, two warp and a hull. I fired at him and rolled 4,4,6 with photons and did 21 damage with 5 phaser ones.

So, in short. It was feast or famine with the photons. I did learn one thing tho. This ship does fly against it's opponents somewhat differently. The Klingon fight is a TOTALLY different animal. You just can't swap range 5-8 shots. The UIM is just too good. I do think if I change tactics somewhat, it can win tho. We will see.

Fed Fastie

Well, I am doing what I can to playtest the Fed Fastie. If you want to read about various matchups that have already been played, then come to this folder or check out the regular BBS under the tournaments folder, specifically the Omega tourney folder. I am becoming quite impressed with it's ability to handle drones better than the sanctioned Fed cruiser. I played two matches over this past weekend. One against a Klingon and one against a Lyran. I went 1-1. Won against the Klingon and lost against the Lyran. Even tho I lost against the Lyran, I do believe I could have played much better. Not to mention that it was against one of the best Lyrans in the game, Von_Nasty. My match against Von_Nasty is not posted yet, but I will find the time soon. If only people would start to fly this ship, they will see that it's pretty good. I believe it's balanced so far.


Let's schedule a couple of games soon. I'll take the Kzinti in one and the TFH in the other. I am, frankly, more concerned with the ship being too good than I am with it addressing the main Fed fights - but lets test them there first.

Fed Fastie

Paul, just so you know. The Fed Fastie has been slightly altered from the SSD that was given out at council. One phaser one was taken away from the FH bank. It's new phaser arrangement is:

Phaser ones: 1LS, 1RS, 2FH, 3 360's
Phaser threes: 1LS, 1RS, 2 360's

there is also an added AUX CON box. So it now has 6 control spaces.

I have a few matches to play in the coming days. RUT, RAT, Omega etc. However, I will try to make some time to play. If I see you online, and I'm free, we can give it a whirl.

Oh, and BTW, you will never use my dice again. So don't even ask. I mean it. :)

Well, I guess this topic bit the dust.

Where are all the comments from the people who said that they would fly my fast fed? I know there were some people who said that they would try it out. I've flown it a few times already and I think it is a balanced ship. I've gone 3-2 in it. I would like some other people to try it out to see what they think. Play a NK game and see what happens. Remember, you have to upload/download the tourney library to get the latest version of the ship. Remember, no OL energy(the torps come in held as standards) The drone rack has 2 type one drones and 4 ADD shots. Also, the ship has all the counters on SFBOL it needs so there shouldn't be a problem. Thanks.

I guess people are busy with

I guess people are busy with the Omega tourney.

Fed Fastie

Well, it was a ship choice in the Omega Tournament. I'm playing it. Other people could of. But nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! :)