G-Rack Federation TCC Playtest Reports

Please post your playtest reports here.


Peter's Ithaca game (repost): Gorn vs G-Fed

I played my Gorn against a G-Rack Fed (2xIM, 4xADD). My opponent was playing the "Reckless and get lucky" strategy, and was completely average instead of lucky, so he lost:

T1: I go fast with an enveloper. He goes 17/24 and finishes his torps to full, no weasel held. I launch the enveloper and turn off. He charges it, eating it for full. I turn in, launch 50 more plasma. He sees he can only get to R6 or so without eating the 50, so he fires, does exactly average (48--18 internals hitting a couple power and a couple phasers) and HETs away. He fires his last two P1s for a couple more in, but hits nothing real vital. I chase him at 31, gain a couple hexes, and fire some phasers through his #3 on impulse 32, doing a few unimportant internals. He launches a IM at me on 32.

T2: I'm down a few power, so I rearm my batteries (used to go 31 for the last quarter of the turn instead of 16), my torps, and go as fast as I can, leaving my phaser capacitors mostly empty. He goes 31/17 and rearms some stuff (probably 3 torps at 2 each, his batteries, and some phaser power). He runs, I chase, tractoring his drone. Impulse 1, I have one more P1 to fire through his facing down shield, so I fire it and hit the drone rack (saving a phaser!). After he slows down, my plasma catches him and the real S torp hits for 22 minus some phaser damage. I fire some phasers (off battery) through the hole, hitting a photon. I close in, he turns in to avoid getting killed through his down shield, I launch my F torp, he eats it on his #1, I slip in front of him and kill him with a few more phasers. After all is told, he is down to, like, one photon and a couple P1s.

So not real conclusive one way or the other. The drone rack cost me a point of power to deal with a drone, and saved a phaser on an internal.

There was some discussion about getting some type VI drones in the rack instead of one or both type IMs, but my feeling is that would be too good against drone opponents.

G-Fed potentially OK for NetKill

I posted a question to Robert Schirmer on the ADB BBS, whether it would be OK to count G-Fed games for NetKill purposes.

His response:
"If both players agree to its use, it's fine. Same goes for other non-sanctioned playtest TCs."

So there you go - even more reason to play lots of G-Fed games!



You should go check out what ADB did to your post over on their boards. :)

Another "SVC moment"

I just saw SVC's comment about the TCC playtest reports. Suffice it to say none of mine will ever be posted on the ADB BBS. And thank goodness he doesn't mind that we are experimenting, I'd hate to think what he would do if he didn't approve!

No surprise...

I'd have been more surprised if he didn't censor the post!