SimCon 31, March 27-29 2010

Here is a link:

This is a nice, established, long running little Con about the same size class as Council, maybe a bit bigger. We used to have a Tournament SFB event in the early 90s, judged by the great Frank Gilson a couple times, and I am just wondering if it would be worth it for me to get an event slot for SFB.

I've brought this up before to a couple of you, and the problem is it conflicts with Total Con, which I wouldn't want to do, as many of you have attended that every year. But it is my understanding that SFB at Total is waning the last few years. If that is true, I think this could be a good substitute. It's about the same distance for Schenectady, closer for Syracuse and Ithaca, double the drive for NJ, and within striking distance for places like Pennsylvania and Ohio. And I can sleep in my own bed :)


SimCon link

You've got 1 too many "w"s in the link there Andy. This one works:



Support for SimCon

I would support an effort to have SFB at SimCon, unless the MA/NH/RI/ME crowd expresses a strong desire to rally and return to TotalCon. However, if you don't have at least some kind of established base in the area, I don't know if you'll get a critical mass. Food for thought.

Onus is a cool word

So the ONUS is on the New Englanders to get back in the saddle for Total.

Failing that, I am not overly concerned about 16 players for the first year. I would think the event needs to be established, we need to acclimate to the venue (which is actually quite cool as I remember). If all goes well, and there is some buzz generated, I see no problem getting 16 players the following year. Heck we got 15 by accident at the Ithaca Cup.

It is a long, slow slog, and a lot of work

but I am sure you could do it. Take Dave's lead and promote the hell out of it.

A better choice, of course, would be for you to start one out on the West Coast. Or Mid-West. With Co5N already firmly established, the NE is really not the place most in need of a big grass-roots resurgence for the game.

I ran an SFB event at

I ran an SFB event at KublaCon at here near San Francisco this year. It was a minis event, not a tournament, but I got four new players and two returning vets who hadn't played in a long time. Unfortunately, by the end of the con, I saw those new guys walking out with brand new copies of... Fed Commander, which has pretty much stolen the interest of all the local players.

I remember trying to find players nearby using Starlist and everyone I contacted (that responded) said, "Oh, dude, I only play Fed Commander now."