Anyone that still plays?

I don't get to play often, but I still enjoy the game. Anyone else still playing?

B5 Wars

If you are still playing, favorite race/faction to play?

Haven't touched it in

Haven't touched it in years...

but I do still have all of the ship displays. Don't know where the rules went to, though.

Bought it...

...but never played it. This was the 1st edition, which was apparently more than a bit unbalanced.

I did get a brief game in

I did get a brief game in with Jeremy Gray this year. Other than that, haven't played in far too long. At one point I had an "Admiral's Game" style campaign going with a buddy, we were playing EA (me) vs Dilgar (him) set in the 2230s. Very fun, but his work schedule changed and... :(

It's still one of my favorite ship combat game systems.