A,B,C designated

By Peter Bakija:

So I was thinking for next time--this might be a totally DOA idea, but possibly build teams such that each team had a:

- A player
- B player
- C player

That they would self designate, based on "how good I think I am". And in the single elimination round, every team would have their A player battle A players, B players battle B players, and C players battle C players (kind of like when I was on the High School Academic Decathalon team, we had an A player, a B player, and a C player, in the sense that those were our GPAs. I was the team C player :-).

This would mean that, in theory, the single elimination brackets would be more likely to be even matches. Although it would also increase the likelihood of civil wars.

Hmm. Just thinking out loud.

I like it a lot

This is exactly how my HS Chess Tournaments worked as well. It makes a lot of sense. It did, I will say, make a little more sense on a five person team where - in chess at least - the team score was : 2 points for 1st board , 1 point for 2nd-4th board and 1/2 point for 5th board. Remembering in Chess that there can (and often are, draws).

In a three person team scenario where draws are *extremely* uncommon, you should definitely weigh all three games equally. But I like the designation of A,B,C.

I will suggest one thing, though. Use Schirmer's ratings, not team designation. SO a team would just submit as they do now. The Judge would then use Schirmir's SFB rating page to designate the A,B and C players.

ABC Rankings

Just shooting from the hip with my first post here, but I'd let each team designate their own A,B,C. You might have two players with a close Schirmer rank but one is playing a favorite ship while another is flying something on a whim or to round out a theme. At least let them do this within reason.