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Earlier this year, thanks to Eric, I was able to take a look at the Companion Games modules. Some very cool ideas that I'm going to be playing around with in the near future. Has anyone else ever played with the Companion Games races/ships? If so, what are your thoughts?


For the most part I found them to be overpowered. There are some interesting ideas there, but some of the races are so powerful as to be basically unplayable, imho.

Yeah, They Were Ok

As Steve said, a lot of the Companion Games stuff was wildly overpowered. A lot of it was just silly. Most of it was generally harmless.

We're going to take a good

We're going to take a good look at these weapon systems, modifying as needed for a project we're working on. Basically, as noted before, we've changed the plethora of disruptor races around so that on the Klinks have disruptors as HW's. Everyone on that side of the alpha octant has their own, unique weapons system. Looking to the other side of the alpha, we've modified the ISC to use PPD/PPC and have discarded the plasmas. Now we're looking to give the Gorn its own unique weapon, leaving the Roms as the only plasma race which is canon. So we'll see if any of these Companion weapons systems will fit the bill.

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I think that I've gotten a

I think that I've gotten a weapon system from the Companion Games module that would work well for the Gorns. It is the Energy Flux Heavy Weapon as used by the Argonians. Since we don't use the Argonians, and for the present have no plans to use them, we can transplant the weapon from them to the Argonians. For those that don't have the CG module for the Argonians, they are represented as being in a Nebula on the Gorn/Rom/ISC borders. Thus, the EF is designed for use against traditional canon plasma races.

A brief description of the EF:

* The EF is a three-turn arming weapon.

* The EF requires a total of 10 units of power. This is divided over the 3-turn spread. The allocation may be in any amount, as long as the next turn is equal to or more than the previous turns allotment. Thus the allotments may be as follows 1,1,8 or 1,2,7 or 1,3,6 or ,1,4,5 or 2,2,6 or 2,3,5 or 2,4,4 or 3,3,4.

* The EF has three firing modes;
Mode 1= hit on a 1-5 out to R14 (which is max range for the weapon) and does full damage to the 3 facing shields.
Mode 2 = hit on a 1-4 and does full damage to the 3 facing shields and 1/2 damage to the other 3 shields.
Mode 3 = hit on 1-3 and does full damage on all 6 shields.

* The damage chart is ranged similar to the phaser table with max damage on a roll of 1, slightly less damage on a 2-5 and least damage on a roll of 6. The maximum damage possible is 12 points at R2 or less with a minimum of 1 damage at R14 on a die roll of 6.

* May be fast loaded in two turns if a total of 6 points of damage have been allocated and will do 1/2 damage.

* There is no OL function.

* The EF is fired as a DF weapon. The to-hit is rolled as per normal. The actual effects do not take place until 8 impulses later as the weapon builds around the ships shields. The damage scored at this time is based on the range that the weapon originally ht at, not the range 8 impulses later when the weapon takes effect.

* Does not effect ESG.

* Against cloak; As per normal DF weapons against cloaked ships. If fired at a ship PRIOR to ship cloaking is NOT effected by the cloak if ship cloaks before 8 impulse build up is completed. If fired during fade in/out is effected as per normal DF weapons.

* Internals scored through different down shields are scored as separate volleys.

I see this as an interesting weapon that will require some new tactics to use. Although it 'could' have tremendous crunch power (if very close, if a 1 is rolled, if multiple EF's hits) it looks to be a weapon that works well in wearing down an enemy ship over time (like using EPT's against an enemy except the range of the EF is more limited than the EPT).

It will be interesting to play test this weapon on a Gorn ship and see what happens.

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Need Companion Games?

If anyone would like to take a look at CG please let me know. Here on via email.

I have almost all of the material. :)

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In-Coming Fire

Does anyone have the In-Coming fire newsletters? Especially #9 Willing to trade

Thank you

Mechad and Vektreans

I have Mechad-1 and Vektreans-1. Does anyone know if they ever produced anything beyond the first module for either of these empires?

Looking at what I have, is there anything beyond Far Side-1 or Indirigan-1?

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