Babylon 5 Wars

How about a section to discuss Babylon 5 Wars, AOG's game by Bruce Graw?


Is there a way to add this to the "Games Other than SFB" section?






Who's played it? Who's not played it but interested in learning?

I played a quick game at CO5N '08 with one person, but didn't have time to do much else. I've run a few campaigns with it and played it a lot, so I'm wondering if there's any other "crossover" fans out there...

I played it a few times.

It had a large variety of weapons, and some interesting takes on damage variability. About 3/4 of the Historical Repair Team has moved over to helping with my products; some of them describe the B5W design process as being "Take anything that was in SFB, and try to do the exact opposite of it."

I can see where they'd make that impression.

SFB has segmented movement and a top maximum speed, with turn modes more or less taken from a naval wargame.
B5W has whole turn movement, and the accumulation of speed from turn to turn, and thrust for turns that worked interestingly. The part I disliked about B5W movement was initiative rolls and I-go/U-go. Past about 4 ships per side, this hindered more than it sped up play.

I vastly prefer B5W's fighter rules to the SFB variety. There are enough weapons in B5Wars (how many named races did they finally end up with?) that you can fit anything in there. Some people did some good Trek conversions for 2nd edition, and Star Wars, and BSG.


We've used the Trek, BSG and Star Wars conversions in a couple campaigns, and they worked well and were fun.

I think B5W is a much more "fast play" game than SFB, I'd compare it to FedCom for complexity. But I like the B5 universe, too, so it has that appeal as well.


If this is the game by Bruce Graw, I've played it. It's a fun miniatures rules-style game. Nowhere near as complex as SFB but enjoyable.


Yep, that's the one. You're right, it's not as complex as SFB - more like BattleTech. I might rate it on par with FedCom, not sure. It's got the advantage of much faster play than SFB (you can usually resolve a decent sized fleet battle in 1-2 sittings, as opposed to 4-6 for SFB - assuming 4 hour 'sittings'). Some SFB players I know twitch at the lack of granularity and the 'teleportation' movement system (all movement happens before fire, so someone can - if they have the initiative - move right in front of your guns and out of arc again before you can pull the trigger).

But the minis sure are pretty and we've found it to be a great 'fast play' game that's beyond the "pick up a bucket o' dice and roll 'em - take that much damage" level that the later game (A Call To Arms, by Mongoose Games) dipped to.

B5Wars... yes!

I haven't played in some time, but I still love the game, and I still would like to play it if I can get some opponents

Oh and while we are on the subject of B5

Green! (sorry, couldn't resist) :-)

If I can make it to Council,

If I can make it to Council, I'll run a game for sure. But it's more likely to be next year than this. Last year Jeremy Gray and I played a quick game, and everyone else was too busy flying tournament SFB.

Used to frequent a lot, but it's really died down.

Battle tomorrow

Going to fly a game with my buddy John tomorrow - EA vs. Dilgar circa 2230.

Tratharti Gunship
Targath Strike Cruiser
24x Thorun-II fighters
Ochlavita Destroyer
Jashakar Frigate

2x Hyperion-A Heavy Cruisers
12x Nova Starfury fighters
Tethys-Z Missile Boat (6x Heavy, 6x Long-ranged missiles)
Artemis Heavy Frigate
Olympus Gunship

Going to be a nice change after all this SFB of late! :)

I love B5W. Got through 3

I love B5W.

Got through 3 turns in 2 hours, and half our ships are smoking wrecks and half our fighters are dead. Well, half mine are, and a third of his are.

We'll probably pick it up again next week. Lots of fun!

I wish you lived closer.....

I need more B5W players!

Yeah, we used to have a nice

Yeah, we used to have a nice little group. But then people moved away, had kids, transferred for their jobs, had nervous breakdowns... whatever. :) Now I've got one regular opponent and a couple "rare guests".

But one thing I like about B5W is how easily it loans itself to PBEM. Unlike SFB, you don't have to do SOP breaks. Just roll on through in initiative order and do double-blind fire announcements.

How many B5W players you got local?

A few....

3-5, but we seem to have a hard time organizing a time to meet.

You are right that it's easier to handle PBM. We haven't really tried it (well, I have, but the others haven't)

There was a great site that has special die rollers for all weapons, but the guy took it down. I even offered to take it over, but he never responded.

Yeah, holding a group

Yeah, holding a group together at our age is challenging. Too much real-life stuff comes up.

We should try a PBEM sometime. BTW, I'm assuming you have all the books. Do you buy minis? And, have you seen Tyrel Lohr's Star Trek Wars conversions? :)


I have all the books. I have a fair amount of FA minis

Joe, Has your group


Has your group experimented with the optional fighter mission rules? We've found that using them, especially with fighters on "ballistic intercept" missions, helped cut down what some players referred to as "missile cheese"...

We haven't.....

but it's worth looking at. I'm all for things that speed up the game or get rid of cheesy results.

We just found it a better

We just found it a better answer to massed missile fire than making up house rules to gimp ballistic weapons, to keep them from dominating the game. ;)

I usually play Centauri or Narn...

(and Drazi) So massed missiles are never much of an issue for me :)

Yeah, in our first campaign,

Yeah, in our first campaign, when the EA player found a way to jam a Warlock, an Apollo, and two Sagittariuses into a fleet... it became an issue. :)


that's beyond nasty

Yeah. But since campaigns

Yeah. But since campaigns limit PRODUCTION but not DEPLOYMENT, you can borrow from Peter to pay Paul, if you want to put one big "death fleet" together. The EA player's OTHER border was full of nothing but vanilla Hyperions, but the place he NEEDED to be unbeatable, he was. :)

Four Powers War

Some friends and I are going to be doing a 2 vs. 2 "Admiral's Game" style campaign soon. We haven't finished our builds yet, but Brakiri Admiral John Carroll and I (the Gaim Admiral) had some time today, and got a practice game in. The campaign will be Narn & Brakiri vs. EA and Gaim.

So John and I thought we'd try out the Gaim vs. Brakiri match. We took 3600 point fleets, not really optimized... basically limited ourselves to what minis I had painted already. :)

Gaim Fleet:
Mearc Command Ship
Geun Defender
12x Koist
Draskar Cruiser
6x Koist
Slyach Frigate
Moor Torpedo Destroyer

Brakiri Fleet:
Brokados Strike Carrier
18x Falkosi
6x Pikitos
Halik Fighter-Killer
Ikorta Cruiser

On Turn 1, we crept towards each other. I fired off a bunch of Packet Torps, which were all shot down by his Falkosis on intercept despite playing cute "who's the target" games (the range was too long). The Mearc and Geun combined to fire a big P-Con shot at the Avioki's nose. It hit, but was less than impressive... 50 damage, as a rake, scrobbled the nose but did little of importance. The Slyach fired its Battle Laser and did about as much to the nose of the Brokados. The Brakiri return fire (4x Grav Beam, 3x Heavy Laser) was devastating, nuking the Mearc and stripping the nose of the Geun of all weapons. I was thinking I had picked the wrong ships at this point.

Turn 2 he hardlocked the Moor, expecting it to fire, but I expected that, so it turtled. The Brokados kept trying to get its last HL in arc but I didn't let him. We continued to close, with the Geun turning its mangled nose away at the last. The Ikorta fired a couple Grav Cannons at the Slyach that missed. At this point John started worrying about the Slyach.

Turn 3, he split the Pikitos and a flight of Falks off, dropping the Ballistic Intercept mission, and headed for the Geun. I had lined up the Avioki well, though, and had the Moor and Draskar light off 7 Packet Torps at a closer range than the first shot. The Geun went full CCEW, while the Moor and Draskar broke and made for the Geun after launch. One flight of Koists jumped his Pikitos, but he then hauled in the Halik, so the other two made a run on the Ikorta and got in under its shield. 5/7 Packet Torps hit, blowing off both Grav Beams and the thruster on the Starboard side of the Avioki. He splashed 3/12 of the Koists that mugged the Ikorta; their fire, even without the shield, just dinked it up a little, killing one Grav Pulsar and doing some light structure damage. His fire at the Slyach missed, but his Pikitos and Halik completely killed one flight of Koists. I managed to splash two Falks with the Guen's SPBs at range-10, and the Koists that died shot up some Pikkers before they went down.

Turn 4, the Moor, Geun and Draskar turned off, going CCEW/DEW. The Slyach went mostly DEW with a soft-lock on the Avioki and Brokados. He again tried to get his unfired HL in arc to blast the Slyach, but it slipped past him, avoiding the big gun arcs, dove in, and got a range-3 shot in on the mangled side of the Avioki. He fired a bunch of pulsars at it, but none hit after interception. The Slyach fired its Battle Laser at close range and finished the job, ripping the starboard side off of the Avioki. 3 Koists died, but managed to shoot up the Port side of the Avioki too. I'm down to 6 Koists, but his Avioki's in bad shape. The Slyach remains untouched and continues its impersonation of a White Star.

That's where we had to stop. Probably continue next week. So far, I'm very impressed with the Slyach, and less than impressed with the Geun (it's a tub) and Mearc/Moas hull (the Moas hull just has little structure and weak armor).