Does anyone have....

The orginal FFB SSD from the Commanders Edition? What about the stealth fighters from SFT #22? I used to have both of these in PDF but they some how didn't make it on my backup drive.

Sorry about spelling, it

Sorry about spelling, it doesn't appear that you can edit posts.

I have the FFB.

Check your email.

Module C5 SSD book

I've got the C5 Magellanic Cloud rule book but I need the SSD book. Anyone have one handy?

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What DO you have, that you can email?

C5 SSD book

Went ahead and bought the C5 SSD book off Warehouse 23 (downloadable PDF). Haven't had the change to look through it yet.

Looking for a copy of the Silver Anniversary Master Rule Book in PDF now as a back up to my hard copy.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser