The Ithaca Cup 2010 - Saturday, August 28th

Our annual grudge match with the gentlemen of Battlefleet Ithaca is now set: Saturday, August 28th. We'll start around 12:00 noon, take a break for dinner, and play until it's time to go home (usually 9-10pm or so).

Battlefleet Ithaca and Battlefleet SWA will play in a team head-to-head open format, with victory to the team with the most wins. As usual, we are happy to take on as mercenaries any SFB players who would like to join us. 

Here are some of the 2009 games in action.  There were more in the next room over:
Ithaca Cup SFB Players

Team SWA lost last year, but we're itching for the chance to redeem ourselves.  The losing team, as per tradition, will pay to have the trophy engraved, and will present it to the winning team at the SFB tournament at Council of Five Nations in October.  You can see the 2009 Ceremony here:

The Ithaca Cup 2009 Winners Cereomony - Star Fleet Battles

Sometimes, we have special goodies:

Ithaca Cup Cake

Sometimes we have special goodies of a different sort (your tastes may vary...):

SFB Beefcake

Players of all skill levels welcome.

For more information, please email sfb /at/, or post here in the forum.

We'd love to see you there.

It'll be A Good Time!

As usual, The Ithaca Cup is happening at the end of August up at Cornell University. During what is usually Orientation weekend--sometimes there is a rock show in the quad next to the building we play in (Goldwin Smith Hall) which might be good, might be bad. On the down side, there are virtually zero open hotels in the area if anyone was inclined to look for that sort of thing.

Shoot me an e-mail if you need more information. Ithaca is about 4 hours from NYC (I semi-regularly make the drive to and from NYC in a day for rock shows and the like, so it is not at all out of the realm of reason) and 3 hours from Albany (and central PA).

pdb6 @ lightlink. com


Cornell Campus Map

These Cornell campus maps have been very valuable to us when we make the trip each year.

To find Goldwin Smith Hall:

* Look at the map
* Look at the big lake kind-of in the middle of the map. From a spot in the middle of the lake,
* Look to a direction of about "7:30", as if on a clock face
* Goldwin Smith Hall is on the edge of one of the empty spaces labeled "Arts Quad"

(The Arts Quad is where the band stage will be set up, for our entertainment).

Hope to see many of you there.

What Dave Said!

And again, as noted, if anyone needs specific information, shoot me an e-mail.


Pimp Daddy Sackett. HAWT!! But was that the best picture? Or the only one with a family friendly rating?

Ithaca Cup Roll Call

Just sent out the recruiting email to start counting heads on attendees.

For Team SWA:
* I'm a Committed
* I think Rocque is a Probable
* Rigley is a Maybe (lots of mandatory overtime with his job this summer)
* A bunch more TBD.

Please feel free to post here and let us know if you'd like to join in the fun. Mercenaries welcome!

Family Friendly Photos

Family Friendly?...
This is the SFB Open Community!
No censorship!

If we can convince Sackett to pose in a Speedo for the camera, we'll happily post the photo here.

Team Ithaca!

Well, I'm certainly in. Sackett is in. Wampler is probably in. Proper will show up at some point. Courtenay will show up at some point. If Andy comes (and I think he's in), we totally call him for Team Ithaca. Unless someone else needs him first.


I plan on it, and so most likely will be there. Rob may be another story. It is hard to roust him out sometimes.


I am pretty sure Sackett wears one at all times. He would need no convincing


I think Sackett should change his last name to Suckit.

Last call for Ithaca Cup this Saturday

Team SWA might be heavily reliant on our mercenaries this year. It looks like just me making the trip. Rocque has to get married a second time, and Rigley has road fatigue. There is a slim chance that Alden Moore will join us, we'll see.

But, I plan on being there at the usual 12 noon-ish. A question to ponder on the drive down... Do I fly Hydran and compete for real, or do I fly LDR and guarantee victory to Team Ithaca?



I am on your team and I intend to win. 2 v 6!

Well, Here's the Thing

Team Ithaca has taken a hit from the "Unexepcted Obligations" fairy, so we will be down to, likely, me, Sackett, Wampler, and hopefully Proper (I gotta call him this morning...).

So If it is you and Andy, and we loan you a merc of some type, we got a game!

Evans to the rescue

I think Evans said he's planning on being there, so we ought to have a bit more critical mass. Maybe not like last year, but last year was above average as Ithaca Cup turnouts go.

I tried recruiting some of the brand newbies from last weekend's SFB Academy, but an 8am-1am all-day-and-night road trip is a tough sell to someone who's played the game once. One father and son team was tempted, and might have come if they didn't have other plans.

Maybe we'll be in the 20s next year?

Andy, lean on Rob a bit more....



He's out. Low testosterone apparently.

And SWA Takes the Cup!

So we had the, like, 10th Annual Ithaca Cup Team Tournament in sunny Ithaca, New York today, a very casual team based tournament that pits the home team, Team Ithaca vs Scenechtady's Team SWA in tournament duels until some team gets to be declared winner.

This year, after a long cold season for Team SWA, they soundly beat Team Ithaca with a 4-2 record for the day.

We had a modest turn out, with 3 players for team SWA and 6 players for Team Ithaca, so we cycled Team Ithaca players through while entertaining the odd folks with a side game of Titan, played by committee.

The games and the players were:

-Dave Cheng (SWA/HYD) over Steve Wampler (ITH/KLI)
-Andy Koch (SWA/LYR) over Chris Proper (ITH/TKR)
-Brian Evans (SWA/NTC) over Courtenay Footman (ITH/GBS)

-Peter Bakija (ITH/GRN) over Brian Evans (SWA/NTC)

-Brian Evans (SWA/NTC) over Andrew Sackett (ITH/SEL)
-Peter Bakija (ITH/GRN) over Dave Cheng (SWA/HYD)

And thanks to Dave Cheng for playing a training game vs Ithaca's Ben Kalb who is getting up to speed in the game. A fine time was had by all, and congrats to Team SWA! Team Ithaca will present them with the freshly engraved Ithaca Cup trophy at Council of 5 Nations in October.


Always an enjoyable day. Thanks to Peter and the Ithacans as well as stalwart Dave Cheng for organizing this every year. I am glad for the chance to play face to face SFB and I think nothing of the 2 hour drive to do so :)

On a side note, I finally beat my archnemesis Chris Proper! We have had some legendary fights to be sure, all of them my Lyran v Chris's Roms:
1)The Thought I Had Em! game, our first ever, from like RAT25. Where I achieved a double full strength r3 ram with backup disruptors and phasers, only to get tractored at range 2 and fed 70 through a rear shield, losing the subsequent cripple fight.

2) The infamous Range Tracker! game. This was a RAT game that we played face to face at Cornell University, when I attended my first Ithaca Cup. It was like a 6 hr game in sweaty, sticky, stinky, sweltering heat. Finally I get a final gasp and take out Chris's last two torps with a Range 8 shot through a weak shield. Game over! But no! Peter the Helpful helpfully points out that we are at Range 9. Game over!But not in my favor. This one was tough. I'm still not over it.

3) The Minimum Shields! game. Another RAT game. Chris has this ultra sassy open where he runs minimum shields and no fire control on T1. I get a R15 centerline shot with 8 phasers and 4 standards, and do like 7 in, nailing a phaser, a torp, and some power. But in subsequent turns, Chris overcomes his disadvantage and prevails.

4)The latest addition is The Called Shot! game. Also known as the Game of a Thousand Tears! Also known as The Black Knight! game. I carry some overloads and eat Chris's T1 enveloper. Interestingly, he ran with minimum shields again, and took 3 in from R8, losing 2 power. So really this could be Minimum Shields Redux! But I digress. I spend the rest of the game flying slow and trying to corner Chris. Chris masterfully evades R8 until T4, where he is cornered with out question, and turns into me with 70 hot and tractors me at R1 just as the esgs come up, avoiding them completely. I fire everything to bear at R1 and do 50 in, getting 2 of his torps. He fires phasers and does a handful in to me. Next impulse I HET and eat the 70 through my 24 point #2 shield. I fire my last two p-1s, doing 16! damage, and getting another torp on the 5 track, before I roll the 16th internal, I pause, dramatically, and say "torp". Chris glares at me. I then roll an 11, getting the last torp. Glory be.

We spend the next few impulses in tractor with Chris doing small doses of internal damage to me after turning to me and getting his remaining phasers to bear, stripping me of all weapons save 2 p-1s and 2 disr. 4.32 Chris threatens me with flying off to fix his S torp. I call for adjudication. The fact that Dave adjudicated in my favor, and he was on my team, has no relevance. Anyway, the consensus was that I could repair some and do enough damage to him in the next 6 turns to kill him. Chris is a little weepy, but I am sure he will get over it.

Well, to be Fair...

You didn't so much "call for adjudication" as "Chris had to go to work, so an adjudication was needed".

I think enough people in the room agreed that you were probably going to do more damage to Chris during the next 6 turns (as he fixed and then subsequently armed an S torp) than he was going to be able to take, as while he had more shields (he was full except for the one down shield), you had, like, 50% more power (which isn't saying much, given the condition you guys were in) and a lot more guns. I think it was a fair call :-)

So I managed to get Dave's Hydran in that last fight. The game was something like:

T1: I move fast with an enveloper. I launch the enveloper. Dave turns and runs. I follow.

T2: Dave runs out the enveloper, I come in. I catch him near the wall, and think "Huh. I should probably not give him my #1 at R5, and instead turn my #2 to him when I get to 5...", and then instead don't do that, and give him my #1 at R5. He premptively decels and shoots me in the face, taking down my #1 and doing a couple insignificant internals. I fire some phasers and a bolt F (hits!), and then HET, fire more phasers and bolt 2 more torps on the same shield (the S hits!), do a dozen in in two volleys over 2 impulses, hit nothing real important, and leave the area.

Turns 3-7: I have no number 1 shield, which makes my life super difficult. I fix a couple boxes on it, and we spend the next 5 turns flying around the map trying to get a leg up. I launch some envelopers, Dave decels and weasels one of them, outruns the other. He hits me with a long range HB, but I prevent all the damage to my #1 with reinforcement.

Turn 8: I decide enough of this and plan for decisive (if reckless) action, plotting speed 30 most of the turn with 70 plasma held and some tractor power. We close, I cripple both his fighters before they shoot, he gets to R3. I launch 50 plasma an impulse before he doesn't move and is compelled forward (or has to HET) after that (so the plasma hits him square in the face unless he HETs). He blasts me with his phasers and 2 standard HBs, both hit, and I take 20 internals in two volleys losing, like, 6 phasers but am otherwise ok. He HETs away, but we are still at R3. I have 7 power for tractors, so I tractor him at R3, which works. My plasma hits him for 7 in after his gatling hose, and I do another 14 or so in with my remaining phasers. In the two volleys, I kill both HBs this time. I bolt my last F torp in the hole, hit, and mess him up more. I drop the tractor so we can separate.

T9: We fly off--he chases me and gets his remaining two P1s in one of my down shields for 7 or 8 more internals (killing another phaser but not much else) before I get my up shields facing him, and we end the turn at about R5.

Dave resigns here, as he has few weapons (2xP1, both gats, a couple fusions), can't hurt me outside of R2, I have more power to work with and can run away faster with up shields facing him for the rest of the game. More importantly, however, was that Dave couldn't afford his weasels anymore, and on T10 he was just going to eat a full strength enveloper with two down shields.

So I won both my games, but both of them were victories as the result of recklessness--vs Brian's Neo, I won completely due to a successful second HET to get to tractor him and paste him with two fastload F's (which pretty much killed him at that point); vs Dave, I got him with a desperation 3 range tractor that could only get up to strength 2. Good times :-)


Yeah I know, but I was trying to be somewhat concise. I wasn't trying to cast Chris in a bad light or anything.
The truth is I was ridiculously lucky in that game. But I'll take it!

I Just Wanted Folks To Be Clear

That you weren't all like "Game over! Adjudication! Bwaaaaa!" which is kind what it looked like due to conciseness :-)

Ah, fun times! So did you win that Titan game?


I was sitting pretty with a Serpent breeding Titan stack, but I made a tactical error and and attacked Courtenay foolishly, won the battle, but lost both Serpents I had. I was actually making a decent recovery, as I got to towers with a Titan and two Angels, and ended up with a couple of Warlocks. I then risked going out of the tower to maul one of his stacks and get another Angel. That's when Courtenay immediately beamed onto me with his shiny new Colossus, Giants, Angels, and 10 Titan and kilt me. So to answer your question, no :-)