ExileCon 2010

Hi there,

Wasn't sure where to post this, so I'll post it here.

I mentioned a few months back the idea of holding a NJ-based con as an alternative (or adjunct) to Origins. I'm finally getting info from the venue, Kean University.

While the idea of this was to get F&E players together, away from He-who-shall-not-be-named, I want to leave it open for SFB players that might want to meetup as well.

The room rates I got are very reasonable: $280 for the WEEK. That includes a bed and a desk; four bedrooms share a common living room.

I'm expecting pricing on the conference space shortly. The price would be shared amongst the attendees.

The venue is easily accessible from Newark Airport (less than 10 minute drive), and there is a train station right on the edge of campus.

I'm not doing this to make any money; the accounting will be an open book. I just would like to see everyone get together and have a good time, with no interruptions (tired of staffers being pulled out of the games at inopportune moments), and the long-winded seminars.

So if anyone is interested in a whole week of gaming (or a fraction thereof; we'll figure out some equitable way to split the costs), please sound off.

Possible dates:
July 4-11
July 18-25
August 1-8

A whole week of gaming

You know you want to.


I had wondered what SVC's middle name was. Turns out it's Voldemort.

Sounds interesting. I'd like

Sounds interesting. I'd like to attend, but the distance is quite a stretch for me to even think of making it. Montana to Newark, NJ....and back. So, unless I stumble across a spare few hundred, I'll probably just have to live vicariously through others like I mostly do anyway.

Great idea

But I can't attend in July or August - already planning a 2-week vaca during that period.

It's possible for me...

I have Origins, and I have my August convention death march. I've currently got nothing scheduled for July.

What makes it happen is whether or not I can sell there and how much I can expect to sell.

Additional info

Got the conference room rate.

It's $600/day, so it would be $4200 for the week. And the bedroom is $260, not $280. I thought tax was extra, but it is included.

So even if we only had 10 people, it'd be $700 for the week; 20 people would be $490.

No badges, no pay-to-play fees. The snack fund is about $20 (the F&E group does this every year, sodas, snacks and such that we stockpile). I can't imagine anyoen could do Origins for just $500, with badge and game fees, etc.

Ken, if you came, you can sell all you want. How much you'd sell I can't say, depends on the size of the crowd and the composition.

Plus airfare out is $600 or so...

Which, if I can get $700 in sales pretty much covers the show for me. Not sure I'd be up for an entire week, but count me in as interested if it hits 30 people - that should drop the threshold down to something sustainable for sales.


We can get that number, Ken. I'll keep you informed.

Id go

But it would cost me about $2k and my marriage ("sorry love, Im jetting off to the US to play games for the week - hope you and the kids dont mind")...


Stay married.....

too bad you can't make it though.