Ithaca Cup - Saturday, February 8, 2020

Those of you who've been reading posts here for awhile know that we usually have our annual Ithaca Cup raid each summer.

But last year we decided to change things up.  We went marauding in the winter, and the bounty was good.  So we're doing that again this year.

Battlefleet Ithaca and Battlefleet SWA will play in a team head-to-head open tournament format, with victory to the team with the most wins. As usual, we are happy to take on as mercenaries any SFB players who would like to join us.

The date is set for Saturday, February 8, 2020.

We'll start around 12:00 noon, take a break for dinner, and play until it's time to go home (usually 9-10pm or so).

Team SWA carried the day last year.

If you'd like to join us this time around, please reply to this message and we'll get you details.  Players of any skill level are welcome!

POSTPONED - Ithaca Cup

It seems the residents of Ithaca saw the raiding longships on the horizon.
Their prayers to Ullr, son of Thor, were answered.
The fjords and roads are blocked by ice and snow.

The Ithaca Cup raid is postponed. We will work to set a new date soon and announce that here.

Keep your axes sharp!