Council of Five Nations XXXVIII - October 2-4, 2015

Hello Star Fleet Gamers,

We've just updated the SFB page on the SWA web site:
  • We have 14 players Committed for our annual SFB tournament
  • We have 8 players Probable
  • And a whole bunch of Maybes

We would love to see you with one of these statuses.  We would love even more to hear that we should promote you to "Committed"!  Please post here and let us know.

Here is the link:

Non-Tournament Star Fleet Universe Games

The SFB tournament has been a signature event at Council for many years now.  We have long been the biggest, best FtF SFB tournament in the whole world.  Last year, we started to emphasize non-tournament-SFB a little more.  We have seen some good growth of that emphasis this year.  We currently have event submissions for:
  • A multi-player Federation Commander scenario based on Orion Pirates
  • A multi-player Star Fleet Battles scenario
  • Three multi-player A Call to Arms: Star Fleet events.
    If you have questions, please simply 'reply' to this email and we'll get you answers promptly.

    We hope to see many of you at Council this October 2-4!

Dining options reborn


Last year, I had the misfortune to announce that Morette's, a famous burger and shaved steak sandwich shop in Schenectady (10 minute walk from the Council venue) had closed.

Original announcement:

Morette's is now open again, at the same location, with new management.
News story:

Shaved steak sandwiches are back on the menu boys!

Yelp review here:

Awesome Star Trek-inspired computer game at Council

Of special interest to our Star Fleet friends...

We are looking for one or more people who would be interested in helping bring a special group-interactive computer simulation game to Council this year (October 2-4).

Artemis is inspired by the Star Trek TV shows, where up to five players take the roles of officers on the spaceship Atremis.  Every officer but the Captain has a touch-screen computer console they use to perform their duties.  The Captain gives orders to the other officers.  Everything is projected up on a big viewscreen, just like in the Star Trek episodes.  It is all controlled by a central server computer.

Here is a link with lots more info:

Here is a link to a whole bunch of videos on YouTube:

Here is what the setup at Council might look like:
Artemis Bridge Simulator Setup at Council of Five Nations Adventure Gaming ConventionWe need some volunteers to "GM" this game.  Don't be intimidated - you can learn in 15 minutes, and we will train you.  The game practically runs itself. 

The main responsibilities of the GM:
  1. Organize the groups of players and start the game.
  2. Watch over new people as they get the feel for the game.
  3. Call for tech support if something breaks down.
  4. Jump in as an extra officer if a group needs another player.
Yes, we really can train you in all this in 15 minutes.

Council GM Goodies

  1. Volunteer to run one full session, you get in the whole weekend free, just like other GMs.  (You only pay for your individual event tickets. See all the details here:
  2. Volunteer to run two or more full sessions, and not only do you get into the con free, but you also get one of our special, GMs-only T-Shirts.

Deadline:  Monday, August 31st

Our apologies for the tight deadline. We need to make this happen fast so we can get the pre-reg booklet out the door soon.

Please email us at council /at/ * with the following info:
  1. Your name
  2. Phone number - evenings
  3. Days you will be attending Council of Five Nations (October 2-4 this year).

Thank you!

* Please replace the /at/ with the typical @ sign.  We apologize for this unfortunate but necessary anti-spam measure.

Council Judge Confirmed

We are very happy to announce that Steve McCann has graciously agreed to be the Judge of our SFB tournament this year.

The good news keeps flowing in!

Please post here and let us know if you're coming, or at least if you're a 'probable' or a 'maybe'.


I will be attending

I received the spousal seal of approval and I shall be attending Council of 5 Nations in 2015. I look forward to seeing you all there! I'll be at the convention Friday AM some time.

David Zimdars


Most excellent to have the 2014 Council Cup champion back again!

I am working on Pre-Reg stuff all weekend. Hope to have it ready Sunday (maybe), or Monday.

Watch this space for more SFB at Council news.

Thanks DC! I need my picture

Thanks DC! I need my picture with the cup :)

SFB at Council - Registration now Open

Registration for Council of Five Nations XXXVIII is now open. The convention is right around the corner: October 2-4.

Council hosts the biggest and best Star Fleet Battles FtF tournament in the whole wide world. And the effort we started last year to focus on other Star Fleet Universe games is gathering momentum - we've got five other SFU games on the schedule besides the big tournament.  Play SFU games all weekend!

AND, for the first time, we are offering the Artemis starship bridge simulator.  Inspired by the Star Trek TV shows - take on the role of a bridge officer. 

You can see more about all the Star Fleet games, and Artemis, at our special Star Fleet page:

We've already got 20+ committed to attend.  Please reply to this email and let us know if you will/probably will/might attend too.

We hope to see many of you at Council this year!

Artemis Bridge Simulator Setup at Council of Five Nations Adventure Gaming Convention

SFB Dinner on Council Thursday

We know several of the SFB guys have the habit of arriving on Thursday night. I've just emailed Zimdars, Schoeller & McCann. All SFB folks interested in joining us for dinner on Thursday, please reply here ASAP.

Four days and counting!